My agency brings about privat accommodations from women to women. Completly there is an assortment of about 50 places in different districts, mainly in the center of Berlin. We had visited each room and checked for a suitable condition of charge and service. We try to  be abel to suite every conception of lodging (luxurious as well as simpel).
 The landladies are charged  by 15% agency fee. Lodging for times longer then 10 days are charged 10%, monthly 25 Euro. You get through by phone or email on weekdays  between  9 a.m. to noon and from 7 p.m. to 8 p.m

Information for women who want to become host:
to bring about your accommodation we are charging 15% agency fee of your income for bookings between 1 and 9 nights. Lodgings for times longer then 10 days are charged 10%, monthly 25 Euro. The highest charge is 75 Euro per booking, whitch means, if you have for example a booking for 4 months you have to pay 75 Euro (not 100 Euro) . We can also organise the management  of an accommodation : reception of guests, make contracts, hand-over keys, help with access to internet, cleaning ectra. The prices for management are:

1.) about 35 Euro for the final cleaning (depends on the size of the place).

2.) 30 -50 Euros for  hand-over keys, first help with access to internet, make a contract ectra

Firm "Frauenbude"started in July, 2000,  owner: Brigitte Rajowitz . location: Lichtenrader Str.53, 12049 Berlin

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